How to use my Window Vac

A Quick & Simple Guide to Using a Window Vacuum

Your Karcher Window Vacuum is an easy to use solution for effortless wnidow cleaning. The instrcutions that come with the product are fairly self explanatory but we've summarised the useful points below:

       Before first use remember that the lithium ion rechargeable battery takes about 2 hours for a full charge.

       To charge it simply plug the supplied converter into the base unit.

       Once fully charge you will have approximately 20 minutes running time.

       Take the supplied spray bottle and add the recommended detergent and fill with water.

       If you havent already done so then attach the microfibre cloth to the the bottle head

       If you havent got the "plus" model then simply use any spray bottle and a microfibre cloth to suit.

       Simply spray the surface to be cleaned with the detergent/water mix

       Use the cloth to get rid of any stubborn marks like greasy hand prints etc

       Then before the window dries use the Window Vac to remove the water.

       Use it in a consistnent manner- we suggest eithe rup and down the window or across.

       If you find the water reservoir getting too full simply remove the plug and tip the water away.

       There is no need to disconnect the water tank/reservoir from the hand unit to empty it.

       When fininshed simply drain the reservoir and we suggest removing & rinsing the microfibre cloth.

       If you are cleaning up condensation there is no need to apply a detergent.